Abolishment of Divorce

During World War II almost the entire world was entwined in battles that eventually ended with the fall of many superpowers. Not only did this war change the face of the planet but it also changed the lives of so many who fought for love and country. Lands which were previously unknown became a focal point to obtaining peace in this wartime era. The Philippines was a super fortress and for those who wanted to occupy it they would have to fight long and hard for it. Those that came here to fight returned later in life to love it and create families among the Filipino people. During the 1950s divorce in the Philippines had been abolished under the new family code which was put into law by its people. Now, nearly 60 years later, this law and many others are being looked at in a new and modern way. 

For those who were tormented by the horrific effects of World War II many spent their lives seeking peace for themselves. When marrying under the guise of the Philippines these worldly hero’s often are cemented by the laws in which they chose to marry under. Through no fault of their own, soldiers who married here had no real way out of a bad relationship without going through a long and messy annulment.

Even after World War II the Philippines returned to being a country which supported the wars of America throughout mainland Asia including the Vietnam War. This land has been a great haven for those looking to live a simple life and for many it is a dream come true to settle there. For those who did not find peace in these islands or with their Filipino wife has long been in need of a divorce in the Philippines. With a new era of people not blinded by the light of the Catholic Church, today it is possible to obtain such a divorce.


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