Divorcing in the Philippines

Every month we receive six or seven requests for divorces that do not progress past the initial inquiry.

Mainly these requests come from Filipinas who are stuck in an unhappy or unworkable marriage and are desperately seeking a way out.

Their husbands are not working and cannot feed or clothe their family and most domestic tasks are left to the woman.   These women barely scrape through each day to feed the children and sort of exist in a form of total exhaustion.

Although the husband does not have a regular income he does seem to find money for alcohol, gambling, cigarettes and often another woman.

Many of these women have been subjected to quite brutal beatings from their spouses but are reluctant to call the police in fear of reprisals from her husband’s family.  Each drunken attack on the woman leaves her in fear of another unwanted pregnancy.

On the other hand we receive many inquiries from foreigners who have met a beautiful Filipina but he discovers she is already married.  Often these girls have been abandoned by their boyfriends or husbands and left to fend for themselves.

Suddenly a foreigner comes along and a caring relationship is formed.   As love blossoms and they meet for a month or so they both decide they begin making plans for their future together.

The issue now becomes one of “is she free to marry”?  Often the answer is that she is not free to marry.

After discussions with many people including lawyers, they learn the only way to break that marriage is through an Annulment.

So they start to talk with a lawyer.  They are soon shocked and dismayed to learn that an annulment is expensive (350,000 plus) and might take several years to reach a conclusion.  If the lawyer is really honest he will tell them that not all annulments are granted and some end in failure.

Then they have to go through the worry of making such a big decision.  The girl is usually willing to start the annulment process as it will give her the opportunity to become free and possibly marry the foreigner which might lead to her being able to begin a new life in another country.

Sometimes they are forced to make the decision to reject the annulment way simply because of the high cost and length of time involved.  Then suddenly two people have had their hopes and plans destroyed and are left wondering what to do.

So if you are reading this and some parts of it sound familiar to your own experiences take heart because there is another and much easier way!

This other way is much quicker and cheaper and is guaranteed to result in the woman becoming free to marry the love of her life.

Just go to  http://www.divorceinthephilippines.info/and learn how we can change your life…legally and quickly.


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  1. i do not agree about the divorce in the Philippines because it will be the start of marrying the one you don’t even love then after getting what they want they will file a divorce because they know that they can have the divorce for just bit of time. it is also against in the church because of that divorce many family got broke and most children you will pity them because of having a broken family and they life can also be miserable when the time they will realize how hard to be in a broken family.

    Luisa Geraldine A. Ines
    contributor, http://www.ourhappyschool.com

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