The Philippines: A Progressive Path to the Future

The Philippines is once again receiving center stage attention to the people of the world. Not only has the economic upswing of many Asian countries helped this attention, but the outreaching lands which are near have received the same rewards as well. The superior position of the Philippines and the exports of necessary commodities have put the islands at full consideration to the modern world. Now these islands are reaching a turning point to which to modernize the laws that were formed around its people for centuries. The legal codes which govern family tradition and divorce in the Philippines have come to the forefront of such discussions.

Family law has allowed a country whose population has tripled in size in the last 3 decades, to disallow issues which bring couples to legal separations and divorce. The Philippines is a great archipelago that has a long standing tradition imbedded in Catholic beliefs. Without the country and the church seeing past the blinding effects of this 18th century idea then the people of these lands cannot find a peaceful resolution to domestic problems related to marriage.

The information highway of the 21st century has allowed for more free thinking people all around the world. This country has come through one of the longest paths to find modernization and the use of the internet highway. This open book of knowledge allows for citizens to see the progress here and for the Filipino community to observe the progressive ways of other prevailing countries. The information found has helped the people to better understand that divorce in the Philippines is not a deterrent or negative path away from the church. Like most peaceful resolutions this too will take time, effort and understanding by all communities within these lands. In the end hopefully modern interpretation will help a country bring itself even higher in respect then it already bears.


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