Austronesian People of the Philippines


Austronesian people are various populations of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean region, some as far away as Easter Island. These conglomerations of isles all speak a form of Austronesian family dialect. From as early as 10,000 B.C. the people of Taiwan migrated from island to island. These inhabitants are the ancestors who first spoke this ancient language. Throughout time many tribes and kingdoms were created and with this came varying differences of the language and apposing laws to their lands. The Philippines invented erratic laws which dictated divorce in the Philippines and today stand by that notion in a modern world. Other age old laws that are still on the books include the strange law of numbered license plates and the days in which they can drive on the road. If this law has been overlooked for decades then how could modernization of any important laws like divorce in the Philippines truly take place?


Religion is as varied as the people and their cultures. The Philippine people today are mostly Christian with other beliefs which vary from Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. Other degrees of Orthodox Christianity and Protestant also entwined their religion here since the beginning of the 20th century. Though many types of beliefs are known these are some of the strongest in today’s culture here. 


In modern times the people of the Philippines have come to recognize the social advances which this country can provide to its people. With proper laws of divorce in the Philippines one can understand the advantage of finding a resolution to an often difficult life when gripped by age old legislation. Through guidance many parts of the modern world accept family laws with respect to divorce and other separation issues. The Philippines and its forward path to the future can hopefully see the results which come with laws that will help its people live in peace.


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