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Divorce In The Philippines: A New Window Of Hope

The Philippines in the last country in the world to allow divorce. This is not without saying that the richest country, Vatican City, also does not allow for divorce. Seeing as the Catholic Church is the ruler of this law, there should be no common reason to include the Vatican in any study stating so. Annulments are often a tedious and drawn out process. The lawyers and the court system themselves are the true winners of this procedure. The cost of an annulment or divorce is only meant for the wealthy and those that can teeter on laws and bend them to form their own perception. These facts alone are why divorce in the Philippines should be allowed.

To be set free from an unhappy marriage is to allow citizens of any country to form their own lives. Freedom is something we all want. To allow a country to set the law for such freedoms is nothing more then an act which is incomprehensible. There are record amounts of unhappy marriages in the Philippines. Without the Catholic church’s involvement the country would have left the law of divorce on the books when it was abolished in 1949. Many people around the world don’t know that the Philippines allowed for divorce from 1911 to 1949.  When this law changed people used it as a moral obligation to advance the church and allow them and their country to be overtaken by a religion who’s mindset is hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Divorce in the Philippines may be a subject which is foreign to the people of this country. Legal separation has given a slight window of hope to many who want to live apart from an unhappy marriage. Legal separation does not allow for a couple to remarry and is an unfortunate reason why so many do not persue this path. Modern civilization is being tested by the easy access of information through computers. At the touch of a button anyone can find the truth and realistic approaches in other parts of the world. The laws which are being brought down on the Philippines needs changing. Without the people of the Philippines knowing the freedoms of many other countries is it no wonder they are cemented in laws which are centuries behind developing nations.



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