Divorce In The Philippines: A New Window Of Hope

The Philippines in the last country in the world to allow divorce. This is not without saying that the richest country, Vatican City, also does not allow for divorce. Seeing as the Catholic Church is the ruler of this law, there should be no common reason to include the Vatican in any study stating so. Annulments are often a tedious and drawn out process. The lawyers and the court system themselves are the true winners of this procedure. The cost of an annulment or divorce is only meant for the wealthy and those that can teeter on laws and bend them to form their own perception. These facts alone are why divorce in the Philippines should be allowed.

To be set free from an unhappy marriage is to allow citizens of any country to form their own lives. Freedom is something we all want. To allow a country to set the law for such freedoms is nothing more then an act which is incomprehensible. There are record amounts of unhappy marriages in the Philippines. Without the Catholic church’s involvement the country would have left the law of divorce on the books when it was abolished in 1949. Many people around the world don’t know that the Philippines allowed for divorce from 1911 to 1949.  When this law changed people used it as a moral obligation to advance the church and allow them and their country to be overtaken by a religion who’s mindset is hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Divorce in the Philippines may be a subject which is foreign to the people of this country. Legal separation has given a slight window of hope to many who want to live apart from an unhappy marriage. Legal separation does not allow for a couple to remarry and is an unfortunate reason why so many do not persue this path. Modern civilization is being tested by the easy access of information through computers. At the touch of a button anyone can find the truth and realistic approaches in other parts of the world. The laws which are being brought down on the Philippines needs changing. Without the people of the Philippines knowing the freedoms of many other countries is it no wonder they are cemented in laws which are centuries behind developing nations.



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15 responses to “Divorce In The Philippines: A New Window Of Hope

  1. Anonymous

    Philippines must allow divorce to give failed marriages a second chance and lessen cases of immorality in terms of having an affair illegally.

  2. I am not catholic. Why should I be subject to Catholic laws. If a catholic desires to divorce, allow it and excommunicate them.

  3. anika

    I completely agree, divorce needs to be approved here in the Philippines. Many people are trapped in unhappy relationships because we are still trapped in old customs that will eventually cause us to live miserable lives. I hope the authority looks into divorce thoughtfully and i hope it gets passed too.

  4. Aaron Carlaw

    That really sucks!! I am in a long distance relationship with a fillipina woman who is trying for annulment so we can finally be together and her lawyer has said it will take 7 – 10 years to fully get divorced which is bloody stupid.

    • Hi Aaron our apologies for the huge delay in replying to you and the many others who have tried to contact us. A major computer glitch locked us out of our web site for well over a year. You comments on the stupidity of a 7-10 years wait for an annulment are well founded. Manu lawyers stretch out waiting time often to increase their fees. If you google http://www.divorceinthephilippines.info you will learn how to be dvorced in less than one year. Just use the “contact us” page.

  5. its about time to pursue divorse law in the philippines..head ache of the filipinos who cannot rebuild their relationship anymore.we need changes,we are now modern.and are
    living in the 21st century..

  6. lucy serran

    how much its cost for divorce and take how long?thanks

  7. I am IN FAVOR OF DIVORCE law here in our country, I understand the church’s stand point in keeping and saving a couple’s marriage. But that’s how far it goes, the church need not interfere in the couple’s private life or the direction of their marriage where it ends or leads.

    Priests don’t UNDERSTAND the life of a husband or a wife…. they don’t understand because on the first place they are PRIESTS. So simple, they don’t undergo emotional traumas like wives and husbands do. Their lives are totally different as oppose to the lives of a couple. the best priests can do is Spiritual GUIDANCE period, but to DICTATE a couple’s decision to find true happiness in life is another thing, a couple is in LIBERTY to do what he /she wants… the church has no RIGHT to HINDER their true happiness, what is considered IRREVOCABLE mustn’t become a LIFE TIME LIFE OF DESPAIR AND UNHAPPINESS, because how can you LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIVES IN ONE ROOF IF THE FEELING IS GONE??? what??? you pretend that you love each other??? I don’t think so….

    The CHURCH should stop meddling… on the contrary the least that they can do is PRAY, pray for the couple, pray for the family thats it. They have no right to DECIDE and CHOOSE whats best for a couple…. O cge yung mga pari ang mag asawa, tingnan natin if they can undo a broken marriage if they can pull a stunt out of it…. its an old saying but its true. ” WHY DON’T YOU PUT YOURSELVES IN OUR SHOES (UNHAPPY COULES husbands and wives) AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES ”

    Getting a Divorce is not the end of the world…. ITS A NEW BEGINNING, A CHANCE TO BE HAPPY AGAIN TO START ANEW, AND REBUILD LIVES… A CHANCE TO CORRECT THE MISTAKES WE DID AND BUILD STRONGER AND BETTER FOUNDATION….you might argue(or the church might argue) that what ever happened to marriage became a trial and error thing and i beg to DIFFER/DISAGREE…. NOBODY can tell or foretell what will happen tomorrow, nobody can predict that this and that will happen…. So the church can’t argue about it, on the first place we are not MANGHUHULA’S we cant predict….

    I AM IN FAVOR OF DIVORCE, WHY??? kasi hindi alam ng CHURCH ANG HIRAP NA PINAG DAANAN KO, GOING TO KUWAIT BELIEVING THAT THIS IS THE ANSWER PARA SA KAHIRAPAN NG PAMILYA THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN MAG O-OVERSEAS CALL ANG ASAWA MO DECLARING SEPARATION!!! My God Priests don’t understand and will never understand what i’ve been thru kung anong impyernong pinag daanan ko…. to survive the rest of my remaining contract para sa pamilya.ko. nakaka 3 months pa lang ako nang maka rating sa kuwait and then all of a sudden my wife will call calling it QUITS sa marriage namin… ang hirap nun ha. Sometimes i wonder how i survived the next 2 years of m life in kuwait with a domestic issue…. hindi po biro yun, I couldn’t CONCENTRATE ON MY WORK, MY JOB WAS AFFECTED THE BIG IMPACT IT MADE TO THE REST OF MY STAY IN KUWAIT.

    In my work I was supposed to be promoted but with domestic issues affecting my performance the promotion was passed to somebody else…. Now tell me CHURCH and PRIESTS can you survive the same way as I did??? I dont think so…. many times I attempted to commit suicide and tried to throw myself off the edge of the roof top of our building, but I didn’t… one thing that held me up was when I thought of my mother, sister our kids who somehow became my reason to LIVE….

    So much for my sad story, now going back to the issue…. I SUPPORT DIVORCE BILL, I have the right to be happy again in somebody else’s arms… I deserve to be happy every JUAN like me or has similar story like me has the right for DIVORCE. we cant afford an ANNULMENT and such process often times favors only the RICH…. what about ordinary people like me/us??? just because we are not financially capable??? an ANNULMENT is only meant for the rich??? I don’t think so…

    Please pass this law, DIVORCE Bill will somehow ease the lives of people living in false and pretentious happy marriage lives.

  8. Cenab L. Tambarisa

    I would be very happy if divorce will be approved here in the philippines. I think 80% of marriages in Philippines ended to an unhappy marriage and I’m one of those. Pls email me of feedbacks regarding on this issue coz I really wanna be a part on pursuing divorce here in Philippines.

  9. rhm

    no marriage is fine because of the catholic church,,,then the c atholic church allows for the married people to go out and make babies?? that adultry but hey, why not the catholic allows that???

  10. Ken

    I am married in the philippines via judge and wants to get divorce. . Is it possible for us to get divorce and marry someone we love?

  11. Anonymous

    Of course Ken you can indeed become divorced and without any great drama. Contact http://www.divorceinthephilippines.info and find out how.

  12. Anonymous

    To all the people who posted comments above please remember that even if divorce became readily available through the Courts it will still cost heaps of cash for the legal part of it. The lawyers will have their hands out all the way through the hearings.
    In the Philippines there is noting for free!

    • Anonymous

      You are quite correct when you say nothing is for free in the Philippines. Everyone in business expects to be paid for their time and professional skills.

      Payment applies to posting a letter to building a house so it is not unreasonable for lawyers to expect fees for their special work. In fact only a lawyer can handle the divorce process as most of it is related to presenting a clients case before the judge and convincing the court that the divorce should be granted. Divorce is already available in the Philippines.

      In our work fees are set before the client agrees and there are no “additiionals” as many business people like to add on during the course of their work.
      That is why we get client inquiries almost each day.

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