There still is Divorce in the Philippines

It has been almost 18 months since we last published an update regarding our DIVORCE site.  You can read below what happened and how we have tried to rectify the issue.

divorce in the Philippines

divorce in the Philippines

As a brief background, we have been facilitating divorces since 2008 (40 successful cases out of 41 petitions) and clients have found us mainly through word of mouth.  Unfortunately disseminating information through word of mouth can cause confusion as each person  puts their own spin on what they think was said so we decided to work through a dedicated website.

About three years ago a website was constructed for us by a experienced computer person and was launched on Google.  The Webhosting company was paid by the website builder each year and billed back to us.  Unfortunately, the website builder died suddenly early in 2013 and consequently the hosting fees were not paid and the site name lapsed.  No amount of negotiating with the hosting company would convince them to release any information to us about the site.

So, anyone considering having a website built should insist that the person constructing the site provides all of the access details or codes  including the name and contact number of the web hosting company.  If the owner does not have this information and loses contact with the person who built the site they could find themselves in the same predicament as us.

Those that understand how Google ranks web sites will know that “hits” are recorded and ranked by the number of times the search engine  accesses the site.  Adding news updates also increases the ranking of the site and increases the chances of a specific site being found.

Initially, our response rate was quite slow but as we increased our news updates the site became more familiar to Google which resulted in a considerable increase in responses.

Also, the number of responses to our http://www.divorceinthephilippines site indicated to us that the service we are offering was of  interest to many people. But because the website name lapsed inquiries declined to almost zero.

Consequently, we were forced to cut and paste our old site information and attempt to rebuild an alternative site from that.    Luckily for us we were able to recover a lot of the old material and that is included in our new site

This site will be maintained and updated on a regular basis.

We hope to hear from you soon. Use the “contact us” button to find out more about how you can get your lady free  from her existing marriage so that she can marry again.

As we say in our web site introduction, “it costs nothing to ask our opinion”.


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  1. I’m here in cagayan de oro failed, anulment case after 3 years or so I came my fiance daughters graduate from sti after 4 years, I stay with my love 1 month until have go back states to work I not understand why Muslims can here good Christian can not she was in a abusive relationship with wad proven yet judge throw out seems like there milking cow anyway I must keep trying I Consider her my wife already I even speak some bisaya this is a bad law punishing good people

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