Solons acknowledge House must start deliberations on divorce

While there’s no guarantee a divorce bill will become law in the 16th Congress, lawmakers agree that the lower chamber should start discussions on the process amid growing public support for its legalization.

House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. said results of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) showing majority support for legalizing divorce isn’t an assurance its passage will be fast-tracked.

“The vast majority were also pro-RH [Reproductive Health Law] but it took several Congresses before it got approved in the 15th Congress. So the 60 percent is no indicator,” he said in a text message.

The controversial RH Law was approved in 2012 despite stiff opposition from the Catholic Church in the Philippines.

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4 responses to “Solons acknowledge House must start deliberations on divorce

  1. Anonymous

    I agree it should be has divorse in the philippines,,, is to unfair to each other if the maried is not going to work,,, means you have stuck to each other even not good any more,,, I strongly agree it should have divorse in the philippnes

  2. ann cruz

    With all due respect, yes we have a beautiful country but how can we ignore the plight of the women and children in dreadful abusive domestic situations and deny them divorce – annulment is a bribery rort and annulments aren’t always granted anyway plus most people have to choose to buy food and support their children then pay lawyers and court hanger oners exuberant fees. Please please help us to have change for our people..

  3. ann cruz

    Support Divorce Law in the Philippines! | Facebook…

  4. I really agree divorce in the Philippines. Why? It is because a lot of men/husband are abusing their wives physically,emotionally,financially and mentally. Islam-Filipinos under Sharia’ah law had a divorce so, Christian Filipinos should have rather Filipino wives still agonizing in the hands of unloving or unconcern husband.

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