Divorce Already Happens in the Philippines

But there is a Divorce in the Philippines and it is so much easier that applying for an Annulment.

But there is a Divorce in the Philippines and it is so much easier that applying for an Annulment.

Our rejuvenated web site www.divorceinthephilippines .info is indexed onGoogle search engine rankings and we are receiving  inquiries each month.  That might not seem many considering the Internet can be accessed by millions of people from virtually anywhere in the world.

The sort of people who are searching for information dealing with divorce in the Philippines are mainly foreigners who have met a beautiful Filipina and discovered that she is already legally married but has been separated or abandoned by her husband for several years.

If the chat sessions have been progressing satisfactorily the first thing the foreigner asks about is about how she can obtain a divorce.  The Filipina inevitably says that there is no divorce in the Philippines only Annulment.

But there is a Divorce in the Philippines and it is so much easier that applying for an Annulment.

Many believe that in the Philippines Annulments is the only method to break a marriage and set a woman free to remarry a person who respects and cares for them as they deserve.

Many times the woman will be much younger that the older foreigner boyfriend and this does not bother them.  A Filipina is usually seeking a way out of her current unsatisfactory situation and will make many sacrifices to make her life better.    When they do meet a foreigner and form a stable relationship they will be faithful and truly caring towards him.  Most foreigners are looking for a sweet lady to be their friend and companion.  Many have already gone through separations and divorces themselves so they have first and knowledge of the emotional pain and financial battering that goes with it.  But we cannot dwell in the past we must move on and look forward to better times

Filipina’s do adapt quickly to new situations and try very hard to make adjustments to suit the foreigner.

English is widely spoken in the Philippines and many Filipinos can read, write and speak English reasonably well.  One of the biggest issues that can arise when speaking in English to their new foreigner friends is the fact that their comprehension of English is not equal to their spoken English and many misunderstandings can occur.  But this is that same for the foreigner for whom English is not their native language.

We often get comments from foreigners who say that their girlfriends do not understand what they are saying.  Some relationships are heading for the rocks even before the divorce commences.  The simplest approach for us is to say “put yourself in her shoes and see how you manage.  Suppose she speaks every second word in Tagalog?  How would you handle it?

The foreigner soon understands what we are saying and tries to help the girl rather than being critical of her.

If both parties are committed to making a new relationship work then in theory they can look forward to a happy life together.  Sure there will be arguments from time to time and that is part of any relationship.  The exciting part is making up after the fight!

Contact us at www.divorceinthephilippines.info       It costs nothing to talk to us!


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  1. Jose Luis Corona

    Hello Paul and Grace. I have tried to contact you through your website, divorceinthephilippines.info but with no response from you. Is there currently any technical problems with the new site ? Please contact me at joselcorona@hotmail.com, as I am in real need of your services. Thank you much !!

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