Violence against Women and Children

The law best known to many as the “Violence against Women and Children” is the bill often referred to as Republic Act #9262. People will overhear this strange number used by the attorney in conversation, but those who are trying to get a divorce in the Philippines will not find this bill at all useful.

The law is enforced for those who break the bonds of marriage in acts of aggression, but this law uses subsections that can and are repeatedly referred to as violence. The most common of these acts would of course be actual harm to a spouse which can be the man or woman.

Some aspects of marriage that would be overlooked by other countries are given high priority in the Philippines, one of which is causing of emotional or psychological distress. This measure also includes staying or living within the property of which the spouse and child (if any) live in also. Oddly enough that may include the house that you occupy and is the only personal dwelling to which you can stay.

Other acts which fall under the law include threats with bouts of intense yelling due to their nature under the subsection of distress and/or public ridicule. Often for those going through a divorce in the Philippines one will also discover that acts of kindness in the past with money can be part of the hearings involving this law. Sacks of rice or any other types of monetary items are often prioritized as “support” which can and will often be requested as part of spousal assistance under such proceedings. The law of this country should be looked at closer upon the final decision of wanting to live in the Philippines.


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  1. kromista

    With all the arguments presented to this,i still have the negative thought about this bill. I am not a lawyer or a person with any legal knowledge but as an individual looking back to care for the future families. People view divorce as a legal way to separate, but for me they just dont want face the realities and challenges of life especially in married life. Right from the start of every relationship there is what we called courtship, now what happened to that part? A person already knew the attitude of his/her partner then why she didn’t backed out of that relationship early? For me its not a question of religion but of a human nature. I surveyed 10 men about this topic, 7 of 10 disagreed of divorce while 3 of them agreed for the bill but when i ask why they answered back so they can marry again a more youthful and lovelier wife than what he has now, see?sex is the basic terms for men and abuse for women now where would the divorce bill will take the filipinos..? Family is the basic unit of the society and if this bill will be passed there will be no more basic unit but a cluster of broken families, there will be no more good families.divorce bill will just be like an exchange gifts, i mean exchange of husbands and wives. Then childrens will follow then next generations will do so, family togetherness is the only thing left of us why these “intelligent” people wants to take this from the people. Question. How many people are affected? 2million?3million? Affecting the mindset of the 80million..? Think of your own family be broken because of this,please be sane. Thank you.

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