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A Modern Take on Divorce In The Philippines

For centuries the Spanish have boldly enforced the Catholic religion to the masses in the Philippines. King Philip of Spain demanded this religion and his forces overtook the country in the 16th century to press their beliefs. For a time Spain’s presence had been diminished by the Filipino people who did not want them or their religion. Some parts of the country easily accepted the Spanish rule while other regions were entwined in battles over hundreds of years.. The boldest of all islands was the isle of Mindanao and the Moro’s who kept the Spanish at bay and away from their untouched land. In modern times the laws which were instilled here are now being challenged. The biggest challenge is finding a new age solution to allowing divorce in the Philippines. With a new law set in place the people here living in an unhappy marriage can find a way to move on with their lives.

With religion comes power, power to the people and often power to the gods which they live by. The Philippines has long been controlled by the Catholic Church and numerous times its laws are based on ideas established by them. In a modern intellectual society this has now set the stage for the era of free thinkers and a new age of people to transform century old laws.

Just like the laws of this country, the people also need help from their impoverished standpoint, and without assistance this cannot happen. Rules which dictate family have long been a focal point in the Philippines. Divorce in the Philippines has recently been talked about by the governing bodies. This and many other laws need a modern road map to the future and away from the path that has been followed for hundreds of years. The Philippine people seek this and without contemporary thinking they will once again be locked into a work subjective to ideas of centuries long ago.


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Divorce in the Philippines the history

It was way back in 1390 that the Islamic face first arrived in what we now know as the Philippines. The Muslim community account for about 8 percent of the population of the Philippines with the most living on the beautiful Island of Minadano which has a total population of around 22 million people spread across  40,000 square miles.

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