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Divorce in the Philippines Update

We have been facilitating divorces since 2008 and clients have come to us mainly through word of mouth.  Unfortunately disseminating information through word of mouth can cause confusion as each person  puts their own spin on what they think was said so we decided to work through a dedicated website.   The site was constructed for  us by an experienced computer person and was launched about 3 years ago.  The web-hosting company was paid by the website builder each year and billed back to us.  Regrettably the website builder died suddenly early in 2013 and consequently the hosting fees were not paid and the site name lapsed.  No amount of negotiating with the hosting company would convince them to release any information about the site.

Consequently, we recovered as much information as possible and had it rebuilt into an alternative site. Our new site is called http://www.divorceinthephilippines.info.

Use the “contact us” button to find out more about how you can get your lady free  from her existing marriage so that she can marry again.

As we say in our website introduction, “it costs nothing to ask our opinion”.



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