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True and Strange Beliefs In The Philippines

The Philippines is a country steeped in superstition and unique cultural beliefs. Many of these beliefs are derived from traditional influences which date back to ancient times. Some of these phenomenon’s are nothing short of odd in some cases and outright crazy in others. In modern day society these superstitions are being practiced on a daily basis. This and many other sociological divides often cause married couples issues within their families. Many times foreigners who marry in the Philippines cannot accept this type of strange behavior. This divide is how many couples end up getting a divorce in the Philippines.


Many ancient tribes that still live in the Philippine islands and  practice ancestral ceremonies. These religious events are often to thank their forefathers and give praise to the gods for something they are about to receive. These types of beliefs are much like the American Indians and their unique culture is lived in much the same manner.


Some strange beliefs in the Philippines include issues for pregnant women. It is believed that if the woman comes close to an ugly animal or eats a certain kind of food she will inheritable give birth to a baby who may look like a monkey or has hair like an ape. This belief alone is one reason why many mothers will not go out in public when pregnant. Other superstitions pertain to money including not putting money on the dining room table as it brings bad luck. Additional beliefs include clipping your toenails at night as that is a sign that you want an elder relative to die.


There are many other aspects of life in the Philippine islands and is something which has to be looked at when thinking of marriage here. If ideals at first seem comical to a person, later in life it may not be something that seems all too funny anymore. This and many other reasons that bring different couples together is also many times what tear them apart. Before giving thought to marriage in these islands be certain to look into the family and their outlook on cultural beliefs. Searching for the perfect person to marry is always a quest which often leads us in the wrong direction. For those coming to the Philippines for marriage are often beset with problems which can be unforeseen. For those that take the wrong path a divorce in the Philippines is a remedy which is often the only avenue to pursue.



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Meet a beautiful Filipina

It is not like the west where some people become famous through a big divorce case, as in the Philippines there are really few cases of people having a divorce in the Philippines.

It is not like the west where some people become famous through a big divorce case, as in the Philippines there are really few cases of people having a divorce in the Philippines.

Meet a beautiful Filipina and fall in love straight away. And why would you not? The beauty of the Philippine race is known globally. With their mixture of Malay, Filpino and Spanish and other European mixes it is no wonder that the beauty of the Filipina is known globally. Many men come to the Philippines and fall in love with the beauty and the gentle and passive ways of the Filipinas, and in many cases a long-term relationship develops and the word marriage is brought up.

But many Filipinas are already married and cannot get a divorce in the Philippines or an annulment either. The cost and time required to have annulment is beyond most financially, and therefore the marriage continues without love and sometimes with violence. The divorce bill stagnates in the legal system and for the moment divorce in the Philippines continues to be a dream for most Filipinas.


Divorcing from her ex

But if you know how and have the right contacts it is very possible to obtain a fully legal divorce for your Filipina girlfriend. It is not well advertised and kept off the radar as not to offend the church and the control it has over most of the Roma Catholic population of the country. Be that said Divorce can be had in the Philippines.

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